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Find your own way with my support, promote your personal growth or solve conflicts – with coaching many things are possible that you never thought possible before. Use your own potential to the fullest with a good and safe feeling.

What Coaching Is (And What It Can Do For You)

Coaching is guidance without advice– I will rather help you find your own solution – a solution that feels just right for you.

Do these questions sound familiar?

  • Why do I keep having the same conflicts over and over again?
  • Why am I not progressing in my career?
  • Why can’t I choose between different options?
  • Why don’t I react favorably for myself in some situations?
  • How do I get from point A to point B in my life or job?

This list can be continued almost endlessly – through coaching you will find the right answers just for you with my support.

A slightly deeper definition of coaching can be found in this blog article.


Coaching is Training

In some regions, Coaching can be claimed as training costs for tax purposes! Ask your tax advisor!

Is Coaching something yor you?

Coaching is fundamentally suitable for anyone who wants to advance personally or professionally, but does not know how or is afraid of doing so for reasons that have not yet been clarified. The topics can be found in the professional as well as in the private environment:

Business Coaching

In business coaching, the professional topics are in the foreground. Typical examples are:

  • How do I achieve my career goal?
  • How do I manage to learn something new?
  • Conflicts with employees/colleagues/superiors
  • Change-Management
  • Communication problems / have better conversations
  • Build and expand leadership skills
  • Preparation for new professional tasks
  • Over- and under-achievement

As an employer, you can also make business coaching available to your employees. I offer contracts for this – please contact me.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching focuses on your private and family environment, which can often have a direct impact on your professional performance. A few example topics are:

  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Conflicts within the family
  • Define and achieve life goals
  • Find orientation
  • Dealing with changes (e.g. separation, relocation, etc.)
  • Develop and strengthen mindfulness

Coaching for musicians/athletes

Thanks to my own CV, I know the musicians’ world very well and the challenges one has to face every day. Due to the large parallels to competitive sport, almost the same topics can be listed here:

  • Stage fright / competition problems
  • Psychological hurdles
  • Practice / optimize the training mentally
  • Competitive pressure
  • Strengthen mental health

Take the next step!

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How does coaching work?

At the beginning of each coaching session there is a free initial telephone consultation. In this you describe your topic to me and I will ask a few initial questions for a better understanding. If you and I find out after the first conversation that coaching through me makes sense and is desired by you, we will make an appointment for your first coaching session.

Within a coaching session we define the exact topic and the goal you want to work on. Using modern and proven methods from suitable coaching models (NLP, systemic approach, hypnosystemic approach, solution-oriented questioning techniques, etc.), we work together on the solution – always focused on your goal.

Most coaching topics can be worked on in a few sessions – for some, a single session is enough. It entirely depends on your topic.

Reach your goals!

My coaching services

Classic coaching

In classic coaching, we meet in person and work undisturbed on your topic for 60-90 minutes. A spacious room in which we can move freely and in which you feel comfortable is important here.

Classic coaching is the perfect choice if you come from the Düsseldorf/Cologne area or if several employees in a company are to receive coaching on one day.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching takes place via video call via Zoom/Google Meet – all you need is a web browser.

In my virtual coaching sessions, I use digital tools that enable many coaching methods to be used remotely – so the quality of the coaching does not suffer.

Virtual coaching can take place almost anytime and from anywhere.

Coaching Walk

During a coaching walk, the coaching takes place in motion and in nature.

Coaching in motion is particularly suitable if the situation of sitting opposite of someone seems uncomfortable and you can exchange ideas more easily while in motion.

All of the coaching variants listed above can, of course, be combined and alternated. We adapt them to your current needs at any time.

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