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Training for your team

With my training for teams you improve your communication sustainably. They define common goals and values and strengthen team spirit.

Why team training?

Almost none of us work alone. We are almost always part of a team, often even several. Maybe as a manager in your own team and at the same time part of the team of all managers. Here things should run smoothly like in a well-oiled gearbox. Unfortunately, there are more and more situations that teams cannot cope with and, in the worst case, impair the success of the company. There are many possible causes:

  • Leadership vacuum
  • Individual employees are over- or under-challenged
  • No clear and common goals
  • Unclear leadership philosophy
  • Personal reasons (e.g. mobbing)
  • No precise role definition
  • And much more…

In my training sessions, I apply methods from my coaching experience to your entire team, leading to intensive reflection on the past. We build common values and goals that everyone in the team can identify with.

The path to a team training

At the beginning there is a phone call – without obligation for you – in which you describe your situation to me. It is very likely that I will then be able to give you an initial assessment. This is followed by a consultation phase in which I take a closer look at the current situation in your team. During this period I will be able to tell you exactly whether training is even necessary for your team. Coaching of individual team members or just the managers is often enough.

Thanks to this approach, you avoid booking a training that will not bring you any real benefit in the end. Because if I actually recommend training for them, it will be tailored to the people in their team and their situation.

What I teach in my trainings

While there is no general answer to this question (every training session is tailor-made), there are a few things that are often raised:

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